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Contest Report:

2016 MOSS ALES #1 - Saturday April 23, 2016

Who: AMA license and FAA SUAS registration required for pilots, spectators welcome
What: 2016 MOSS ALES #1
When: Saturday April 23, 2016, Pilot's meeting at 9:30 AM, First round starts shortly there after.
Where: Ohio Willow Wood (OWW), 15441 Scioto Darby Road, Mt. Sterling, Ohio 43143
Why: To have fun!
Event Type: Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES)
                      cutoff altitude = 150 meters, seeded man on man with landing points as bonus
Sponsor: Mid Ohio Soaring Society (MOSS)
Entry fee: none
Lunch provided: hot dogs, cookies and water, suggested donation = $8
Contest Director: Greg Bell

This was the kickoff contest for the MOSS ALES series, and true to the previous kickoff events, the weather was less than ideal to begin. The temp was only 47 degrees and the wind was out of the North, gusting heavily at times.

The pilots were eager to fly and responded well to the less than ideal condition of the early rounds. There were a few land-outs due to the gusting winds, but eventually the pilots got used to the winds and the land-outs decreased. Around about the 3rd round, the sun broke through and the winds calmed making for a very flyable day overall.

After a pilot's meeting administrated by the contest director Greg Bell and a few words by Mark Groves who facilitates our use of the flying site, round one got off to a great start. Al Schmidt did the launch-master duties keeeping the contest moving which allowed us to get in 5 rounds. This was a pretty good pace considering we broke for lunch and the fact and we had 22 pilots in 5 flight groups.

There were a variety of sailplanes, any where from Bill Hoelcher's sub SUAS class home-brew, a good number of Radians, some open structure AVA's and Pulsar's as well as full moldies.

All seemed to have fun. Let's do this again sometime!

Joe M

This from the Contest Director:
Was a lot of fun and a record turnout as Gil said (What a turnout!!!!! We had 22 fliers from a total of 3 states). Many helpers made the surprise outstanding turnout easy to handle. Al mastered the launches and kept thing moving. Skye and Mark helped with setup, Todd A brought the battery for power, Jay W brought coffee, donuts, and made the emergency hot dog and bun run for more food. Gil signed up 3 more MOSS members and took pictures. JD took our group picture. Mark provided the trademark Peldalions and was the grill master. Others rolled up the landing tapes and field markers at the end of the contest. Carey and Gavin showed up to hang out. Joe handed out a key chain/LED flashlight combo with MOSS and our website on it.

Thanks to all who helped and flew. These are the things that make a great club.

Congratulation MOSS Members on a successful event.



2016 MOSS ALES #1 Results Summary

place   pilot score    percentage
1   Malcolm, Skye 5170.71 100.00
2   Shape, Jerry 4976.29 96.24
3   Stahl, Gordy 4809.22 93.01
4   Bell, Greg 4516.92 87.36
5   Marcum, Marc 4458.33 86.22
6   Lueke, John 4224.36 81.70
7   Mong, Ron 4143.98 80.14
8   Groves, Mark 4117.53 79.63
9   Mekina, Joe 4012.96 77.61
10   Smith, Ron 3998.59 77.33
11   Perez, Gilbert 3845.12 74.36
12   Andersen, Barry 3790.89 73.31
13   Hoelcher, Bill 3425.08 66.24
14   Youngen, Ted 3267.37 63.19
15   Anderson, Todd 3223.62 62.34
16   Basford, Larry 3203.57 61.96
17   Watkins, Jay 3148.35 60.89
18   Kerr, Rob 3089.60 59.75
19   Fleming, Don 2791.23 53.98
20   Pepin, Phil 2634.43 50.95
21   Cook, Ron 2419.37 46.79
22   Wiese, Paul 662.95 12.82


Here are the direct outputs with more details from the computerized ESL scoring program.

Standings as of round 1 - place order
Standings as of round 2 - place order
Standings as of round 3 - place order
Standings as of round 4 - place order
Standings as of round 5 - place order - FINAL RESULTS

Standings as of round 1 - group order
Standings as of round 2 - group order
Standings as of round 3 - group order
Standings as of round 4 - group order
Standings as of round 5 - group order

Pilot Report Cards

Here is a link to Gil's pictures, they are on Flickr, I will be bringing some of them directly into the MOSS site for long term archiving, for now, just view them on Flickr.



These are some of the other pics taken at the contest, they are already archived here on the MOSS website:

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